Dandelion Salad Recipe with Fresh Goat Cheese & Apples

Feeling under the weather? Defend yourself against the Cold and Flu!

It’s here. The dreaded time of year when we either fear getting sick, or try our best to prevent it from happening. Recently, many patients have told me that they either just got the flu shot or the pneumonia vaccine. Some get sick from it, and some even have reactions to it. In reality, most of us don’t know whether we should get the vaccines at all. Some of us try to prevent illness through other means. But what is really the best way to stay healthy in the cold and flu season? Is it different for kids..... Read more

Trying to get Pregnant?

If you’re trying to get pregnant or even thinking about it, you know that conceiving isn’t always easy. The stress, toxins and lowered sperm counts of today’s modern world make it more challenging than ever for many to get pregnant.  I have many patients who have either conceived or are trying to conceive. As a woman in my third pregnancy I know the struggles... Read more

Concerned about Heart Disease or Diabetes?

I have always had a fascination with heart disease and the ability for naturopathic medicine to prevent and treat it effectively. Many of my patients come to me already on statins or blood pressure medication. I often get questions about whether I can see them if they are already taking drugs. Read more

You’ve got to be joking…food can do what??

People who don’t know me always look at me sideways when I suggest that what they’re eating might be the source of their problems. I would actually say that people who know me also look at me a little strange when I make this suggestion. And I’m not talking about just digestive problems. It really could be anything. Read more

Don’t tune out…Tune-Up!!

It's a new school year - and for many of us that means a change in schedule. It's a time to reset ourselves, get our fitness, our diet and healthy lifestyles back on track. If you haven't been in for a while - it's a great time to come in for a tune-up! Committing to health maintenance is something that pays in dividends - it's just hard to track when we will never know what would have happened! Read more

Weight Loss and Naturopathic Medicine

In naturopathic medicine, for me, weight loss is almost an afterthought. My focus is always to find the problem areas, and fix them. Overweight and obesity is often a combination of metabolic problems (which can stem from hypothyroidism, blood sugar disorders, adrenal fatigue) the wrong foods, nutrient deficiencies, lack of exercise, underlying infections, toxic overload, inadequate sleep, anemia and the standard overeating, emotional connection to food and lack of exercise. It’s rarely one thing. Read more

The Benefit of Maintenance

I have wanted to do a blog for a long time. So I am excited to be writing my first post! Since it is a new year, and many people do resolutions in January (yes, I am a little late!) – I thought I’d resolve not to do resolutions anymore! The reason? I listened to a radio show last year on the topic of balance – I think about the show often, because I realized that all my procrastinating over the years really sums up to one thing. Drama. It creates... Read more

Strawberry Coconut Ice Cream (Dairy and Sugar Free)

Mediterranean Yogurt Sundae