How to know if your thyroid is causing your symptoms

Thyroid testing is an insufficient mode of diagnosis in over 50% of hypothyroid cases. How can I make such a bold statement? The fact is, in conventional medicine, thyroid testing consists of checking for either TSH alone, or TSH and T4. TSH is a hormone that is released by your brain. Not your thyroid. And T4 is considered the inactive of the thyroid hormones. There are two problems with only checking these two numbers. Read more

Get your energy back by reducing this cause of fatigue

Stephanie Kerst and I chatted last week about his largely unknown cause of fatigue. In fact, is invisible, it’s stealth and it’s likely you don’t even have an awareness of it. And it affects much more than just your energy Read more

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Seven Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Natural Healthcare Practitioner

With a lack of standardization, natural medicine can be confusing to navigate. Here are the 7 most common mistakes people make when choosing a natural healthcare practitioner. Natural medicine works in a totally different paradigm than western medicine. Don't expect apples when you're looking at oranges! Read more