The best way to turn off your body’s signal to make new fat

Most of my patient’s wear a CGM when they’re first starting out with me. This is a continuous glucose monitor. If you’ve never seen one, now that you’ve read this you’ll probably spot one soon! Just look for a small circular disc at the back of the upper arms of people you see. Traditionally used for diabetics, CGMs are now used by many health fanatics and athletes. It allows them to see a 24/7 view of their blood sugar numbers. So you can see in real time what happens when you eat vegetables, have a coffee, a steak or a Jamba Juice. The exact opposite of what you might think, can signal your body to make fat. Read more

How to improve your lifespan with one simple move

If you’ve been reading my blogs lately, you’ll know that lifespan isn’t quite as important as healthspan. Healthspan, is the amount of our lives that we spend being healthy and fully functional. We want our healthspan to match our lifespan. So, what is this move we can do to improve our healthspan? Read more

How to know the best tests to reveal your true cardiac risk

Heart attack and stroke are the number one killers but according to the Cleveland Clinic, they are 90% preventable. In fact all cardiovascular disease is 90% preventable - even if you have a family history. What does it mean to be preventable? Well that depends on where you are looking. Read more

How to get the best health insurance you never even knew existed

For many of us, there is disappointment in the healthcare system. Either they don’t know how to solve your issues, or they tell you it’s in your head. And the rest of us who actually like our doctors, may be frustrated because the framework that they are allowed to work in, is limiting and can’t give us the solutions we seek. I talk to a lot of people who have the belief that if it doesn’t seem solvable, it isn’t. Read more

Could this tiny gland be the reason you feel so terrible?

The average thyroid gland weighs about as much as a tablespoon of almond butter. But the thyroid gland, unlike almond butter, has an almost infinite impact on the way your body functions. Every single cell in your body has thyroid receptors. If you don’t have enough thyroid hormone, there are things in your body that just won’t work. Like an unplugged toaster, it’s not going to work no matter what you do. It will only work if you plug it in - just like your cells, they will only work if they’ve got some thyroid hormones plugged in. Read more

How your body image can make or break your weight loss goals

Oscar Wilde once said, “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” If you’re struggling to lose weight, it’s time to think about your relationship with yourself. If you’re not in love with you, no amount of self-improvement will change that. Read more

Infertility sucks – How I went from tough to triumph!

I know the pain and stress of the two-week cycle. First comes the disappointment of getting your period. Then ovulation. Did you have good mucus? Did you have sex at the right times? Did you ovulate too early or not even ovulate?? After an ectopic pregnancy and emergency surgery to cauterize one of my fallopian tubes and prevent me from bleeding to death (sorry to be so graphic) at 29 years old, I became terrified that I would never get pregnant. Read more

Do you want to be happier? Do these 4 things for your mental health now.

COVID precautions are still going strong. Some of them negatively impact our mental health: Read more

Second To Being Thankful, It’s The Most Important Thing Today.

You’ve got to be joking…food can do what??

People who don’t know me always look at me sideways when I suggest that what they’re eating might be the source of their problems. I would actually say that people who know me also look at me a little strange when I make this suggestion. And I’m not talking about just digestive problems. It really could be anything. Read more