How to make your skin look younger without paying a cent

You may have seen my Face Yoga Video 6 weeks ago. In this video, I show you how to make small tweaks to your face to see noticeable changes in your skin in minutes. The more you practice this, the better it gets. I am talking about fascial maneuvers. Facia is that tough white tissue that you see on a chicken breast. Very thin, but very strong. Fascia is what gives humans shape. Without it, we would be a puddle of bones, skin, organs, fat, muscle and other tissues on the floor. It can get stuck and cause tight muscles, and make us look old, and cause pain. Fascia is the biggest sensory organ in our bodies. And most of us have never even heard of it! Watch how I lift my droopy eyelid in just minutes! Read more

How this simple lab test can reveal the cause of your fatigue…and your weight gain

A friend of mine told me about this new book about a month ago. It was by a neurologist I have great respect for, David Perlmutter. I have heard him speak in person several times and basically trust anything he has to say. I nearly fell off my chair when I read some of the things he was saying. There was a new marker - using an old test - that could reveal information that could help me help my patients even more. I got so excited, I started testing all my current patients for it. All of these conditions have this marker in common: Read more

You got to be joking… food can do what???

People who don’t know me always look at me sideways when I suggest that what they’re eating might be the source of their problems. I would actually say that people who know me also look at me a little strange when I make this suggestion. And I’m not talking about just digestive problems. It really could be anything. Read more

How to reduce this cause of headaches, also linked to fatigue

If you don't know about EMF yet, it's something you need to learn about. It's a known cancer risk, but they don't publicize it. It can cause myriad other symptoms and they don't tell you that either. EMF expert Stephanie Kerst and I are doing a video series on the health effects of EMF with tips on how to mitigate these risks. Here is the third in our video series. This week we're talking about headaches Read more

How to know if one of these 4 structures could be causing your hypothyroidism

Hypothyroid symptoms are the most common symptoms that come into my office. Namely, fatigue, brain fog, difficulty losing weight, sleep disturbance, infertility, pain and stiffness. More often than not, it’s not the actual thyroid causing the symptoms. This is why a proper diagnosis and solution often gets missed. You really need your body to be working well in many facets in order for the “thyroid” to be healthy. What are they? Read more

How to know if your thyroid is causing your symptoms

Thyroid testing is an insufficient mode of diagnosis in over 50% of hypothyroid cases. How can I make such a bold statement? The fact is, in conventional medicine, thyroid testing consists of checking for either TSH alone, or TSH and T4. TSH is a hormone that is released by your brain. Not your thyroid. And T4 is considered the inactive of the thyroid hormones. There are two problems with only checking these two numbers. Read more

How to improve your sleep by minimizing these waves

This is something the world needs to know about - for many reasons. EMF or electromagnetic frequency can cause a lot of problems and not knowing about it can be even worse. Watch this short interview with EMF expert Stephanie Kerst and find out how you could be minimizing your exposure to maximize your sleep. Read more

How to eliminate insomnia, the most obvious reason for fatigue

If you are tired, the most obvious question is “Are you getting enough sleep?” For some, like my 14-year old son, when he’s tired, it’s because he goes to bed too late. Sleep deprivation by choice. But for many others, it’s that they just can’t fall or stay asleep. It can be like torture. You’re tired but you just can’t sleep even though you want to - and you’d give your right arm just to sleep an eight hour night. Maybe it’s not that bad, but you get the drift. If it weren’t such a problem, there wouldn’t be a booming sleep aid economy. In fact, the global sleep aid revenue grew from $432B in 2019 to $585B in 2023. And that is B for BILLION. So it doesn’t look like the solutions are working, either that or the problem is just getting worse. If you want to fix your insomnia, you need to look in a direction that does not use sleep aids as a possible solution. And if you’re not trying to fix your sleep issues, here are some reasons it should be a top priority for you. Read more

Get your energy back by reducing this cause of fatigue

Stephanie Kerst and I chatted last week about his largely unknown cause of fatigue. In fact, is invisible, it’s stealth and it’s likely you don’t even have an awareness of it. And it affects much more than just your energy Read more

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