Here is the secret human hunger driving your food choices

If you’ve been reading my blogs the last week or two, you know about the first 4 human hungers. Today we are on human hunger number 5. It’s why you get bored eating the same thing over and over. And it’s tightly linked to another human hunger. What is it?

Variety hunger. Variety hunger actually stems from nutritional hunger, the one that drives us to
satisfy our physiological need for essential nutrients. Variety hunger comes in the form of color, texture, flavor and smell. And I’m not talking about Frosted Lucky Charms. I’m talking about fruits, vegetables and that umami flavor that is typically high in protein – seafood and meats.
This variety in color, texture, flavor and smell comes from having different nutrients and allows us to desire things that make our bodies function optimally. The problem is that the food industry knows this. And the science to create these flavors and smells is so advanced that it has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Besides the cost to our pocketbooks it is also costing us our health. Processed foods, which for many of us compose about 70% of our diet, are making us fat and sick. This is not the kind of variety we need. The flavors are there, and they are addictive. The reason it’s hard to stop eating this stuff is because it is in the plan – the plan for them to keep making money. And you never fill your only true hunger of essential nutrients, because they don’t contain them.
So if you’re looking to satisfy variety hunger, eat a rainbow of vegetables and fruits. Go for real food. Pastured meats and wild fish and seafood. And if your body is so far gone in the other direction that you need help fixing it, schedule a discovery call. And we’ll let you know what we can do for you to get feeling back to yourself again!