7 Reasons you may be feeling tired 

If you are tired a lot, you know what it’s like to be an energy chaser. And if you’re a mother, you definitely know what I mean. My kids are 8,11 and 14. So I’m not in the early stages of motherhood anymore, but I remember how it felt to be counting the minutes until they would go to bed or take a nap. Or think, “I must not like playing with my kids!” I used to think this and then I realized that when I did have lots of energy, it was just that I was tired!! It was a relief, but also a frustration that I had spent so much time struggling. What is the number one reason for fatigue in most people now? Men AND women?

It’s blood sugar dysregulation. It’s that afternoon dip – why they invented afternoon tea and biscuits. Or falling asleep when your kids go to bed around 7 or 8 o’clock. Or for some it’s just feeling like you hit a brick wall right after lunch. And you just can’t keep your eyes open. 

It’s what keeps most of us desperate for coffee. And what do we do when that doesn’t work? Maybe we try healthier energy drinks or sugar. But when you have an energy roller coaster, it’s almost always because of blood sugar. And what can you do about it? Most of my patients wear a CGM for some period of time. A CGM is a continuous glucose monitor. Originally meant for diabetics, a lot of health minded people use them now to track their blood sugar. They’re helpful because you can see what kinds of things make your blood sugar go up and down. 

Generally your body likes to be even keel and that is true for blood sugar. You feel good when it’s stable and when it goes up and down you may not feel so good. If you have trouble staying asleep in the middle of the night, or have energy dips during the day – you are very likely struggling with blood sugar dysregulation. Unfortunately our food culture does not promote healthy blood sugar. If these energy dips are your issue, knowing what the problem is, is half the battle!