The top two things you need to remove from your body that cause fatigue

The number one thing people consume to boost their energy hands down - is coffee. But for optimal sustained energy - we really need to address these two things.

Reposted from June 2022

Toxins and underlying infections.

Think these things are not affecting you? Think again – we are all living in an increasingly toxic world. Sorry to depress you, but it’s true. I often tell my patients you need a PhD to navigate it. And a once yearly cleanse is not going to solve the problem. 

What can you do?

Eliminate the cause of common toxins. Hard to eliminate everything, but here are some hard and fast rules. 

  • eat organic as much as you can (strawberries don’t count unless you know the farmer and he can tell you they don’t spray the soil)
  • avoid refined oils and fake food (yes, impossible burgers and tofurky are fake food)
  • choose whole foods
  • use natural house cleaners (my favorite cleaning spray is vinegar and water, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are great at getting out stains/removing odors and I sometimes use dish soap and water for the counters)
  • choose clean makeup and body care products  – more to come about this next week
  • drink reverse osmosis remineralized water

Follow these basic rules and you will be helping yourself immensely. And yes, a regular cleanse or detox can be helpful, but you’ve got to consciously stop re-toxifying yourself. Over time, the cleaner our bodies, the more energy they will create on their own.

Identify Underlying Infections

Think you don’t have one? If you have ever had a root canal or wisdom teeth removed, the odds are high that you have a low-lying infection. This will zap your energy like nobody’s business. Look for a dentist that does cone x-rays. The are able to identify these infections much more often than regular x-rays.Mouth infections are known to be the cause of many chronic diseases and have been linked to breast cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Do you drink alcohol regularly? Eat too much sugar? Processed foods? History of anti-biotics? Low-lying gut infections are common when these things are present. How do you know if you have one? If you can say yes to several of these symptoms, a gut infection may be contributing to or causing your fatigue. 

  • gas or bloating
  • stomach pain
  • difficulty losing weight
  • brain fog
  • blood sugar dysregulation
  • joint pain
  • thyroid like symptoms

Fatigue is one of those things that western medicine does not have great answers for – if it’s not the obvious low iron or B12, other things are often missed. 

Taking a deeper look could  have an immense impact on the way that you feel. If you need more guidance and structure to resolve your fatigue – call us at 650-233-7327 to schedule a free 15-minute consulation to see if we might be able to help you!