The one thing you need to address to achieve your best health this year

We all know about diet and exercise to improve your health. Usually when I see a new patient, they have tried these things and they aren’t working. People take supplements, and often don’t know if what they’re taking is working or not. Labs can be very helpful at identifying issues, but clues are often missed because most practitioners don’t know how to interpret labs outside of normal ranges. On the off chance that all of these things are appropriately addressed, we often see resolution. For a time. And then things can regress. What is the missing piece of the puzzle that helps keep your health at the level that you are actually seeking?

I have written a few times about this topic. It seems to become more and more obvious the more I see it addressed with patients. It…is unresolved emotions. 

Dr. John Sarno has made a career of helping address unresolved anger to fix back pain. I help my patients resolve their pain all the time, but what I have also noticed is that pain can return if there are unresolved emotions.

What is an unresolved emotion? It can range from an obvious trauma to something that just sticks out in your memory from growing up as an unpleasant experience. If a remembered experience can make you cry, or make you mad or upset in some way, it’s unresolved and it just may be affecting your pain or your health in general. 

I have had it explained to me  like this – an unresolved emotion is like a bubble somewhere in your body. If you have a bubble that isn’t supposed to be there, it doesn’t fit, it puts pressure on that area of your body. This causes pain. If you pop the bubble and it’s gone, the pain just disappears. Or you can look at it this way – if you have a rock in your shoe, you can pad the shoe, wear thicker socks, walk on your toes, but the rock is still there. But what if you just remove the rock. No reason for pain anymore. 

If you think an unresolved emotion might be affecting your health and you want to address it, let us know! It can change your life forever! We are passionate about helping people address their issues in the most comprehensive way we know how – to achieve true healing so you can live your life to the fullest and feel like your old self again!