How to know the best sunscreens to keep your skin safe this summer

Sunscreen is a subject that I avoid with people outside my office. Why? Because like many other things natural medicine, sunscreen can be a very controversial topic. I cringe when I hear that people have put sunscreen on my kids without my permission. WHEN, I use sunscreen, I am very particular about the ingredients that are in it. And you should be too.

Sunscreen for many years, used toxic, even carcinogenic ingredients to block UVA and UVB rays.
While many sunscreens are safe now, many more are not. Rather than try to memorize all the
bad ingredients, I think it’s much easier to know what is safe.
All you need to remember are
zinc oxide & titanium dioxide

These are GRASE (generally recognized as safe/effective). These are the only active ingredients
that should be in your sunscreen.
While many sunscreens have ingredients that do not exactly match these ingredients NOT
considered GRASE by the FDA:
● Aminobenzoic acid
● Trolamine salicylate
● Avobenzone
● Cinoxate
● Dioxybenzone
● Ensulizole
● homosalate
● Meradimate
● Octinoxate
● Octisalate
● Octocrylene
● Oxybenzone
● Padimate O
● Sulisobenzone

I would assume that words that resemble these are unlikely safe as well. The reason I draw this
conclusion is because of the manipulated marketing that has convinced us all that BPA free
plastic is safe. BPA is replaced with similar chemicals such as BPB, BPS, BPF, and BPAF. These chemicals are just as toxic and some even more toxic than BPA. These plastics are hormonedisruptors. So are many of the chemicals they use in sunscreens.
Fertility problems are at an all-time high and getting worse. Nevermind the early pubic hair,
early menses and early puberty. You may be unknowingly smearing or spraying your kids,
grandkids or yourself with toxic chemicals everyday. I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news,
but I do think it’s important to be informed. So if you are still using these potentially harmful
sunscreens, all you need to do is switch to a healthier choice. My favorite sunscreen brand is
shown in this video

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