TeleMedicine – Phone/Skype Consultations

TeleMed may be a great option for those of you that live far away or are just unable to make it in person. Many patients enjoy the convenience of having a doctor’s appointment from their home or office. They avoid traffic, don’t have to wait, save time and don’t have to disrupt their daily routine. Patients can schedule their appointments on their lunch breaks, during a child’s nap time, or in between other appointments

The growing field of TeleMedicine, also known as TeleHealth or TeleCare, is increasing patients’ access to naturopathic care. Naturopathic Doctor’s can now meet with patients via phone or Skype (video conference). Dr. Samia McCully now can work with her patients who live all over the world from the comfort of their homes.

What works for TeleMedicine?

• New Patient Follow Up Consultations
• Adult Follow Up Consultations
• Annual Check-ups
• Lab reviews

What doesn’t work?

• New Patient/Initial Consultation ( Your first appointment MUST be in person )
• All injections
• Physical Check-ups
• BEMER Therapy
• Neurofeedback


1. Tools – You’ll need reliable phone (reception) or Internet/Wifi service.
2. Space – Make time just for you without multi-tasking.
3. Privacy – You’ll want to be able to share your concerns and speak comfortably.


How do I schedule a visit?
You can schedule most visits (all except a new patient intake) online at or by calling Wellness Architecture Naturopathic Medicine at 650.233.7327.

For non-local patients, what about lab work?
We work with national labs that have locations all over the US. We typically send you a copy of your requisition form digitally so you can print it out to bring with you to the multiple locations across the US. The results come straight to us, and we can discuss them at our next follow-up.

What are the treatment options?
We cannot prescribe pharmaceuticals out of state, but since we rarely use them, that are rarely a concern. We have a online store and a on site dispensary for local patients OR we can drop-ship naturopathic medicines (i.e. herbs, vitamins, some hormones) directly to your door in 3-5 business days.


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