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I was diagnosed with colon cancer, and Dr. McCully helped me prepare for surgery. On her nutritional plan, I lost weight. With her prescribed supplements before and after the surgery, I recovered remarkably fast from the operation.

I have continued to lose weight on a plan of recommended foods, healthy attitude, modest exercise, and satisfying activities. Dr. McCully has helped me prepare for my future health and well being.

Anonymous, Executive Director of a Palo Alto non-profit organization

I knew my health wasn’t all it could be, especially as I got older. Dr McCully has helped me steadily improve with hormone and other tests and supplements. People guess I’m ten years younger. I have a lot more energy & less stress in my life. I like it!

Jeff Browning, Business Owner Palo Alto

I am 62 and have been a patient of Dr. McCully’s for three years. In April, 2007, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease after a week’s stay in the hospital. I was put on steroids and an immunosuppressant drug, mercaptopurine. I knew that there had to be more I could do. My chiropractor referred me to Dr. McCully. It has been a great experience. She put me on several supplements that greatly helped my digestion.

In the beginning, I could only eat soft foods. Now I can eat all the whole grains, raw fruits and vegetables I want. I feel one of the most important things Dr. McCully has done, was to test me for food sensitivities. This has changed my whole body health.

The Crohn’s medicine I was put on by my gastrointestinal doctor, suppressed my immune system to such a degree that I became sick with viruses more than I was healthy. Dr. McCully and I are working on many new things to keep my digestive tract healthy and improve my immune system. I feel very fortunate to be working with her and look forward to continuing my journey of staying healthy.

Carol, Santa Cruz Mountains

I am 38 years old and began seeing Dr. McCully in the summer of 2010, after a colleague referral. Prior to seeing Dr. McCully, I was struggling with wildly fluctuating energy levels throughout the day, frequent headaches, waking repeatedly during the night and difficulty getting out of bed in the morning.

After testing for food sensitivities, eliminating those foods from my diet and adding supplements, my quality of life has noticeably improved. I’m sleeping better and waking up more refreshed, I’ve lost weight, I’ve had very few headaches, and my energy level is much more constant throughout the day. I’m feeling better than I have in years.

Ryan, Venture Capitalist Boulder, CO and San Francisco, CA

I have seen Dr. McCully off and on for the last few years and each time, have not only enjoyed the visit but, have learned a lot about what is going on with my body. She answers all my questions with care, concern and clarity.

I just finished her 10 Day Cleanse class and would highly recommend it. It was simple and easy and I felt great.

Dr. McCully has a superb way of sharing her knowledge in a way that makes sense to those of us without a medical background.

Consider a visit, you won’t be sorry!

Trudi Barnes, Menlo Park

I have been seeing Dr. McCully for a little over five years. After discovering a number of food allergies, including gluten intolerance, she suggested some dietary changes and supplements.

Since then my blood sugars have normalized, and that has allowed me to get off the blood pressure and cholesterol medications I had been on for 15+ years. I have also shaved 20+ pounds and I feel in the best shape I have been in years. I highly recommend her (and many VC friends of mine are now patients of her actually).

Jeff Clavier, Palo Alto

Dear Dr. McCully,

I am a very sensitive person with multiple health problems. Since following the diet avoiding dairy and wheat, I am much better off. The fish oil is super good. I have a history of mood swings, and now my moods are much better. I am even cheerful!

Thank you for your help.

Estelle Bertolucci

Cleanse Testimonials

It’s really do-able. This was the first cleanse I had ever tried and I was apprehensive, but it really felt balanced and good.

Carol G., San Jose

In the span of 10 days, I went from feeling run-down and sluggish to lighter and full of energy. My mental focus became clearer and my digestion has never been better. I feel healthier inside, and that motivates me to make on-going life changes.

Debbie M., San Jose

The cleanse helped jump start healthy lifestyle changes and good food choices.

Carliza Marcos, San Mateo

I’ve been told that I need to detoxify many times before. I’ve also been told that I have many allergies. I tried to lose weight but was unsuccessful. The cleanse boosted my energy, helped jump start my weight loss and I feel great!

Edith Rodriguez, San Francisco


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