6 Reasons Your Thyroid Might Stop You From Losing Weight

One of the most frustrating symptoms of an underactive thyroid is weight gain. You can do your very best to take care of your body, but still find yourself piling on the pounds! Fortunately, there are steps you can take to escape the vicious cycle of weight gain that accompanies a thyroid disorder. This January, that begins with making healthier choices! Keep reading to learn more about how your thyroid can stop you from losing weight – and what you can do to end the vicious cycle! Losing weight may be tough, but it is possible.

Reduced Metabolism

When your thyroid doesn’t produce enough of two important hormones – thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) – your metabolism will plummet. These two hormones communicate with every cell in your body, letting them know how fast or slow to work. When your cells aren’t receiving these messages, they get lazy. That’s one reason why hypothyroidism and weight gain often go hand-in-hand!

Low Energy & Fatigue

The weight you gain because of a reduced metabolism usually only amounts to 5-10 pounds. The weight you gain due to fatigue, on the other hand, can be substantial. When you don’t have enough energy, it’s hard to go to the gym or make healthy food choices. To be successful, any weight loss plan will need to prioritize your thyroid’s health and alleviate fatigue!

Constant Cravings

When your thyroid doesn’t produce enough hormones, you might start to feel tired and hungry before it’s even lunchtime! To keep your energy levels artificially high, you may reach for a soda or a bag of chips to stay alert. When you get home in the evening, you probably won’t have the energy to cook a healthy meal, so you’ll pop something in the microwave or order a pizza. The next day, you’ll repeat this vicious cycle all over again!

Chronic Discomfort

Your body relies upon thyroid hormones to perform a variety of essential functions. Without these hormones, a variety of uncomfortable symptoms can crop up. You may experience constipation, dry skin, numbness in your toes, or an increased sensitivity to cold. These uncomfortable symptoms make you far less likely to make it to the gym, take the stairs at work, or consider going for a midafternoon walk.

Brain Fog

Many people with thyroid disorders experience “brain fog” – a state of feeling mentally frazzled, confused, or forgetful. It is sometimes described as feeling like a “thick fog” is invading the brain, making it difficult to focus on anything. This lack of mental clarity can make it difficult to live a healthy lifestyle. Many healthy choices (planning meals, scheduling enough sleep, finding time for the gym, etc.) require a great deal of preparation and planning! Improving your thyroid’s health can make a world of difference in these areas.

Muscle Weakness

Your muscles can become weak when your thyroid produces too many or too few hormones. If this happens, you may experience weakness around the hips and shoulders, painful muscle cramps, and/or slow reflexes. When you’re dealing with these uncomfortable symptoms, it’s very difficult to find the strength to exercise. To get your body back on track, you’ll need to address your underlying thyroid condition. This will improve your muscle strength and alleviate many other symptoms, setting you up for weight loss success!

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