Weight Loss and Naturopathic Medicine

In naturopathic medicine, for me, weight loss is almost an afterthought. My focus is always to find the problem areas, and fix them. Overweight and obesity is often a combination of metabolic problems (which can stem from hypothyroidism, blood sugar disorders, adrenal fatigue) the wrong foods, nutrient deficiencies, lack of exercise, underlying infections, toxic overload, inadequate sleep, anemia and the standard overeating, emotional connection to food and lack of exercise. It’s rarely one thing.

Disclaimer: The following blog is not intended for the treatment or diagnosis of any condition and is solely for educational purposes.

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I use every symptom as a clue to fix an underlying problem. I often tell my patients that weight loss is a great side benefit of solving other problems. I treat people for things like digestive problems or fatigue and they end up losing weight without trying – often they will return to their high school or young adult weight. I find that when you focus on losing weight it becomes a struggle. It’s like when someone tells you not to eat chocolate – that’s all you want to do. I like to have my patients focus on getting healthy. Then the maintenance of healthy weight becomes much easier.

Optimal health is a journey, not a destination. It requires maintenance and as long as you have that, a healthy weight will generally happen. There are times when we try just about everything and still, the weight just doesn’t budge. In these cases we do the HCG diet. To find out more about the HCG diet CLICK HERE. This is a strict diet that when followed you can lose up to 30 pounds in 40 days at a time. And that brings someone who just can’t get past a certain point to a new playing field. As long as the underlying medical conditions have been addressed they take their new weight and maintain optimal health from there.

It is important for everyone to detoxify before you embark on losing weight. We are all exposed to toxins on a daily basis. These toxins come from our air, food, water, personal care products, homes/offices and cars. Our bodies were not designed to deal with these chemicals. As a result, our cells and the extracellular matrix that houses all of our cells become clogged. It becomes difficult for nutrients to enter and for waste to get out. This can cause an imbalance in our hormones among other things making it difficult to lose weight. In order to allow for optimal function we need to support our bodies in draining these toxins on a regular basis.

We recommend cleansing two to three times a year year. These toxins affect our ability to absorb nutrients, dump waste, make energy, get pregnant and so on. Toxins are attracted to fat. Our glands (e.g. thyroid/ovaries/adrenals) are all predominantly made of fat resulting in altered hormone function in many people. Pesticides and herbicides are designed to stop the reproduction of bugs and weeds – they also impair our reproductive systems by disrupting our hormones. Our detoxification program (Opening Channels) is designed to open up all the cells of the body for elimination of toxins as well as supporting the systems of detoxification (colon/liver/kidneys/lymphatics/skin).

During detoxification it is time to assess underlying medical conditions. Following the period (generally 1 month) of detoxification, it is time to address the underlying conditions. We offer different plans and packages in order to accomplish this:

Weight Loss Packages

Weight Loss – Removing the Obstacles (Standard)
Weight Loss – Removing the Obstacles (Gold)
Weight Loss – Removing the Obstacles (Premium)

Supplement Packages

Opening Channels (Regular)
Opening Channels (Sensitive)
Adrenal Rebuilder
Blood Sugar Balancer

Other packages for thyroid and hormonal imbalance, healing a leaky gut and parasites/yeast/bacteria and anemia are customized during your consultation.

After a laboratory and symptom analysis a plan will be put together to start you on your journey back to health. We have custom plans and standard plans.

Blood Tests I order for patients in which I suspect the following conditions:

General Screen:

CBC with Diff
Comp Metabolic Panel
RBC Magnesium


Free T3 and T4
Total T3 and T4
T3 Uptake
Reverse T3


Iron with TIBC

Blood Sugar Issues:

Hemoglobin A1c and Fasting Glucose
Fasting glucose and insulin, 1 and 2 hour postparandial (GTT) for both glucose and insulin (I only order this when the first 2 tests reveal nothing – and only if I determine that the patient can handle this kind of test)

Hormonal Imbalance:

Estradiol (typically on day 3 of the cycle for women); for men if I suspect a blood sugar issue
Progesterone (typically from day 18-21 of the cycle for women)
Free and total testosterone

Other Specialized Testing:

Digestive Issues:

IgG/IgE Food Allergy Panel
Ova and Parasites x 3/Complete Stool Analysis with Ova and Parasites x 3

Adrenal Fatigue:

Salivary Cortisol and DHEA levels

Answer this questionnaire to see if you may have an underlying health condition that may make it difficult for you to lose weight:

  1. Do you have difficulty sleeping?
  2. Are you tired all the time?
  3. Are you tired at specific times every day?
  4. Do you have more energy before or after eating?
  5. Do you have more energy at night than in the morning?
  6. Do you have abdominal fat that seems impossible to lose no matter what you do?
  7. Do you have depression/anxiety?
  8. Do you have any of the following? Heart palpitations/cold hands and feet/frequent headaches/migraines/excessive ear wax?
  9. Do you have water retention?
  10. Do you have one or more of the following? Frequent gas/bloating/heartburn/abdominal cramps/difficulty swallowing/excessive burping?
  11. Do you have difficulty digesting or feel like you food just sits in your stomach?
  12. Do you notice difficulty digesting or symptoms following the consumption of certain foods?
  13. Have you ever had frequent antibiotic use?
  14. For women – do you have facial/chest hair growth?
  15. Do you have low blood pressure?
  16. Do exercise and food restriction not result in weight loss?

If you answered yes to three or more of the following questions – you may have underlying medical issues that are making it difficult for you to lose weight. If you have more questions after reading this blog – give us a call 650-233-7327 to see if we might be able to help you!