Use this quick hack to boost your energy all day!

It’s so simple, you probably won’t believe it. It doesn’t cost anything. You have to do it throughout the day anyway. 75% of the population is chronically low in this molecule.

It’s H2O! That’s right, water. In fact our bodies are 55-60% water depending on how much fat we have. 

What’s the hack?

Drink 24-32oz shortly after waking up – it will help your energy all day. Why? The longest period we go in a 24 hour period without drinking is during the night. We need water the most when we wake up. It helps to clear the toxins processed by our lymphatic system; it helps rehydrate our cells, so they can absorb nutrients and get rid of waste more efficiently. When we are hydrated we have: 

  • more energy
  • better temperature regulation (fewer night sweats and hot flashes)
  • fewer aches and pains
  • fewer headaches
  • better mental clarity
  • better cellular communication for our neurotransmitters and hormones 
  • better detoxification
  • less hunger

We all need to drink at least half our weight in ounces to stay hydrated. 

If you are 200 pounds, you need to drink at least 100oz water per day. 

 (150lbs you need 75oz a day)

Adding a pinch of Himalayan salt to all the water we drink is also helpful. After all, we can’t really absorb the water if we are deficient in minerals. I find many patients who drink plenty of water, but the problem is they pee it right out. The salt can fix this problem. Sole – a salt/water mixture can also help with hydration. If you start our day with coffee, which dehydrates us, using this hack is even more important. 

Dehydration is the number one trigger for daytime fatigue. 

Chronic dehydration is also the number one cause of headaches and migraines. Even mild dehydration can cause a slight decrease in metabolism. 

We will write about the best water to drink in a coming blog – for now, make sure you are not drinking tap water! The fluoride and chloramine in the drinking water where I live in California is toxic. There are other things found in water that also detract from our health. So just like our food, the kind of water we drink matters. 

Try this MORNING WATER hack and let me know how it affects you. When you can consume 1/4-1/3 of your water before breakfast you will be on your way to eliminating chronic dehydration and feeling so much better through out the day!

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