True healing can happen when you do this one thing

There is something I hear over and over and have considered it relevant for years now. There is one obvious experience I’ve had of my own. This one thing is something of doubt and skepticism for many people. I happen to think it’s the most essential thing to healing now, more than I ever have before. It’s not what we eat, the water we drink, the supplements we take or the exercise we engage in. It’s intangible. And don’t get me wrong all of that is important. But this is the elephant in the room. The thing people don’t want to address, or thing they don’t even know is relevant to address.

It’s our unresolved emotions and traumas. Unresolved emotion has trauma attached to it. Most
trauma’s are not with a capital “T”, they are the little ones. Where we might have misinterpreted something as a child, or were treated poorly and we keep re-creating that feeling in our current
lives. Dr. John Sarno is famous for claiming that anger causes back pain. While it’s not hard to
imagine blood pressure being related to anger, it may be harder to imagine other physical
conditions completely being caused by emotional pain.
Almost 15 years ago, I had a very clear experience of it. I had some family members visiting for
the Christmas holiday. I had to consciously push down my frustration with them. For the week
that they were visiting I could barely turn my head my neck was so tight. I think we’ve all had
had this happen at some time in our lives. The day they left, I woke up around 1am. I was in
such excruciating pain I cried. After about 30 minutes of sobbing, I felt done. AND my neck had
no trace of pain or tension. I was shocked. And it did not return.
Recently I learned about a setting on one of the technologies we use in the office. It was during
one particular patient’s program that I learned of this setting. She had come in with 24/7
stomach pain caused by any and everything. We had been able to resolve that, but the one
thing and we had not been able to resolve were her panic attacks. Initially they would happen
about 8 times a day (some were at night and she would bolt awake multiple times with a horrible
feeling of impending doom, heart racing etc.) She was exhausted all the time. Felt weak. No
way for a person to live. We had been able to reduce the number down to about five times a
day, and severity was not a 10 anymore, but they were still there. EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Once I learned about this special code for PTSD and started using it on her, and had a
conversation with about her childhood traumas – she had one more panic attack. It has been
close to 4 months without a panic attack. This was after 10 years of panic attacks almost
every day, and the last 2 years before she started working with me where they were happening
eight times a day. And the severity was 10/10 for most of them.
She was written off at Kaiser as being depressed. There was nothing they could do for her. This
has opened up a whole new realm of healing for me. Something I am exploring with most
patients and see great possibilities for healing that I never knew existed before.

If you have some kind of physical issue whether it is physical pain, or anxiety or depression or
even impossible weight loss consider an emotional component. If you want to be done with
trying to figure out why your health issues continue to persist, look to the emotions that may be
keeping you stuck! Not only will they affect your health, but your habits, your productivity and
your relationships – your whole life!