The best tried and tested method to prevent getting sick this winter

It seems that getting sick is easier than it used to be before the pandemic. There are a multitude of reasons for this, but instead of seeing it as part of life, you can arm yourself with some habits and a few supplements to boost your immune system and feel great all winter long. Here are the simple rules I follow - and they work every time.

Did you know your immune system takes a blow every time you have just a teaspoon of sugar? And that dairy and bananas increase mucus production that will further aggravate cold and flu symptoms and can even launch you into a cold if your body has been exposed?

My food rules for a healthy immune system:

  1. Avoid added sugar and eat fruit in moderation
  2. Avoid dairy (a little butter is usually fine).
  3. Avoid bananas
  4. Avoid alcohol

This habit is essential!

7-8 hours of sleep – your body heals at night.

Supplements that I swear by:

  • Vitamin D – get yours tested and make sure it is in the optimal range of 75-85ng/dl
  • Cytozyme-Thy – I use this religiously since learning about it last fall at a conference. I have felt symptoms coming on many times in the last year. When this happens, I increase my dose immediately. I have not had any illness take hold since starting this regimen. My body has even resisted multiple 10-day bouts of illness that my whole family has succumbed to – it is the most important supplement in my immune basket right now. I have started crushing the tablets when I notice my kids needing a little boost. I see the same thing happens with my patients if they increase their dose with the first inkling of symptoms.