How To Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

Do you catch something every time your kids come home? Or when someone is sick at the office? Join us this Saturday at FREYJA Clinic in Redwood City and learn simple tricks to stay healthy this year. 

Dr. Samia McCully has been invited to work with Redwood City’s FREYJA Clinic and to kick things off she is giving a talk on How to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season!

Dr McCully will discuss:

  • how changing your diet can dramatically improve your immune system
  • how taking certain nutrients can improve your chances of staying healthy
  • healthy habits to help you stay healthy
  • how to make your own First Aid Prevention Kit
Give yourself a boost and join us for a B12 shot from 9:30-10am!
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570 Price Ave, Suite 100
Redwood City, CA 94063
O: 650.701.1882
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See you soon!