Don’t tune out…Tune-Up!!

It's a new school year - and for many of us that means a change in schedule. It's a time to reset ourselves, get our fitness, our diet and healthy lifestyles back on track. If you haven't been in for a while - it's a great time to come in for a tune-up! Committing to health maintenance is something that pays in dividends - it's just hard to track when we will never know what would have happened!

Invest in yourself! Nothing pays you back like feeling great.

Looking for:

  • More energy?
  • Better sleep?
  • Better digestion?
  • Less pain?
  • More endurance?

People often tell me they think their symptoms are just about getting older. Most of the time this just isn’t true. If we take care of things when they first start to happen, they can generally resolve pretty quickly. And if we maintain and prevent, they don’t even need to happen! What does it take to maintain? Coming in for a tune-up every 3 or 4 months.

After all we maintain so many other things in our lives! We change the oil in our cars every 3 months; get our hair cut and colored every 2 or 3 months; get our nails done; exercise regularly.

Most of us are very driven by aesthetics – how we look – but we often fail to see the logic in taking care of the inside. Or don’t even realize that we have the power to prevent as much as we do. A tune-up can keep us feeling great and able to enjoy life!

What happens in a tune-up?

  • Complete a check list to see if any new symptoms have started.
  • Check-in to see if our medications and supplements actually working for us. Do we need something different?
  • Are all our labs in the optimal range? (We can catch many problems before they manifest as symptoms and prevent them from progressing)
  • Is our exercise routine working for us?
  • Check-in about diet (different foods can be good for us at different times and this can be different foods for different people).
  • Are any of our habits or environment interfering with feeling great?
  • Is a cleanse or detox a good idea for us at this time? Are we overloaded with toxins that prevent us from getting the results we were expecting?

Each tune-up is tailored to suit our needs at that time. It may look different from one appointment to the next depending what is going on with you.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule your appointment today call us at 650-233-7327 or schedule online! The time is now! Invest in your most valuable asset today…YOU!!