Do you want to be happier? Do these 4 things for your mental health now.

COVID precautions are still going strong. Some of them negatively impact our mental health:

  1. staying inside and not getting enough sun
  2. social isolation
  3. lack of exercise
  4. weight gain that knocks your confidence

Options to help reverse this and boost your wellness:

  1. Spend time with as much skin and eye exposure to the bright sun as you can – if you are in a colder climate, even if you’re not, make sure you are getting enough vitamin D. I recommend blood levels between 75-85 ng/ml. Vitamin D has an enormous  impact on your level of happiness. I see it cure seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in a matter of days when the dosing is right. It also has an impact on anxiety levels and impulse control (i.e. anger).
  2. Schedule phone or Zoom calls with your friends and family on a regular basis. Make them recurring appointments! Talk to people who lift you up rather than drag you down.
  3. Put exercise in your schedule as a recurring appointment. Whether it’s on the exercise equipment you have collecting dust in the corner or an online class you can take from your living room or a walk with a friend – we were designed to move. ALL DAY LONG. The stimulation we get from moving releases feel good hormones that will help decrease stress and make you happier. 
  4. Join a weight loss program that focuses on changing your mindset. So many weight loss programs focus on counting calories, but the truth is calories are not what makes you gain weight. The focus needs to be on decreasing inflammation, balancing blood sugar and improving gut health among other things – and that is how weight loss becomes easy and a bi-product of getting healthy. When you lose weight this way, you your level of happiness will increase, anxiety will decrease, you’ll have more energy, sleep better and just feel better overall. And confidence goes a long way to improve all aspects of your life – whether it is in your career, in your relationships or just knowing you can handle whatever life throws at you. And these days, being able to handle life means a lot!