Diary Of A Neurofeedback Newbie: Part 4

Today is August 25th. It's my eight session and I am looking forward to it. I'm hoping it'll help me get through the final push to finish my work projects—and packing!—before we leave for Hawaii. I enjoy my time on the table and get up feeling refreshed and refocused. I work steadily for the rest of the day and the following day. Before a trip, I typically operate with the mantra: Ack! There’s so much to do!

This time, it’s more: Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Everything gets done, and I don’t feel the pre-trip anxiety that I usually do as I’m still pulling clothes and items together the night before a flight and the hour gets later. I don’t get much sleep, but I awake early to leave for the airport and still don’t feel the stress I usually do.

Tuesday, September 6

Session 9

Despite no sessions during my trip, I still feel the effects of my neurofeedback. I am more patient with my kids and in-laws than during past family vacations. I also feel that I am more in the moment. It’s hard not to feel peaceful in Hawaii, but I think my experience was enhanced by the work I did before I left.

I am excited to get back on the table today. As usual, I feel great afterward.

Thursday, September 8

Session 10

Today is my last session. It goes as usual, and I am glad that I was able to do this for myself. I definitely feel that neurofeedback has improved the quality of my daily life.

Monday, September 26


It has been a few weeks since my final session, and I am still handling stress better than I did before beginning neurofeedback. Case in point: I added a new job to my responsibilities. I will have even less flexibility in my schedule, but it was the right position at the right time. I know my brain can handle it. I also know that if I feel the stress creeping in, I can schedule a neurofeedback session or two.

– – Neurofeedback Newbie