Diary Of A Neurofeedback Newbie: Part 3

Saturday, my husband and I went out alone for our anniversary and got to have an uninterrupted adult conversation. As I told him about my neurofeedback experience, his reaction affirmed how profound the change is. We have been married 12 years and known each other for at least 5 more, and I’ve always been stressed.

If I have more than 3 things on my to-do list, I feel like there are 30, and my brain reacts accordingly. We jokingly call it the “and, and, and” feeling. Since I’ve started neurofeedback, that feeling is gone. My husband said that is miraculous. I have to agree. I still have a lot going on, but I don’t feel the stress of it. I’m doing it but not worrying as much about it. My brain is staying in the moment on the task at hand instead of trying to remind me of the 4 other things that are still undone.

Tuesday, August 16

Session 5

The grogginess after a session is beginning to clear more quickly. I feel peaceful but not as floaty. The floaty feeling also doesn’t last as long. Life little annoyances are not as bothersome, and I am still maintaining better focus when I work.

Thursday, August 18

Session 6

I have decided that doing the neurofeedback as soon as I can after exercising yields the best results. Including today, I have done two sessions without exercising beforehand. They were still restful and effective, but I had a harder time getting into a relaxed state.

Monday, August 23

Session 7

I have a lot of irons in this fire today with work, kid stuff, and packing for a weeklong vacation. I feel a little like my appointment is taking up precious time. But I am wrong. I feel the weight of my tasks less afterward.

– – Neurofeedback Newbie