Concerned about Heart Disease or Diabetes?

I have always had a fascination with heart disease and the ability for naturopathic medicine to prevent and treat it effectively. Many of my patients come to me already on statins or blood pressure medication. I often get questions about whether I can see them if they are already taking drugs.

If I had to turn away every patient already on medication I would be out of business! Naturopathic medicine is a great compliment to current drug therapies making them more effective and often eliminating the need for them.

I have recently started working with a lab called Boston Heart Diagnostics. It has opened up a new dimension of testing and information for my patients.

Their testing includes:

  • Expanded cholesterol testing that includes different particle sizes
  • Whether the good cholesterol you have is actually helping you or not
  • Whether a statin will work for your body (or may be totally ineffective!)
  • Genetic markers to show if you are more predisposed to high cholesterol; Alzheimer’s; statin sensitivity
  • What your body levels of saturated; trans; and omega 3 fatty acids are…you get to see if your fish oil is actually working!
  • Blood sugar markers to let you see if you are already insulin resistant and how your body is handling sugar
  • Inflammatory markers that show if you are at risk for having a cardiac event (heart attack/stroke/clot)
  • And many others

The information this testing provides in invaluable. And the great thing about it is that there are herbs, nutrients and dietary changes to help when we find things that are not optimal or out of the normal range.

It gives people who are concerned about cholesterol, blood pressure or having a heart attack a great way to empower themselves with information. It can take away the fear and give you a plan.

Sounds like a great test…how would I pay for it?

If you have a PPO, Boston Heart will be covered. Even if your insurance denies the claim you won’t be required to pay anything out of pocket. If you have an HMO, unfortunately this test will not be covered, but there are other tests that can be done to identify concerns for heart disease.

If heart disease is a concern and you are currently a patient, call our office (650-233-7327) for more information. If you are not a patient of Wellness Architecture, we would be happy to assist you in learning more about how we can help you! Click below to book your Initial FREE 15 minute consultation NOW!