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Christina M Pittman

Samia is great. She helped me with health problems I never thought I would ever resolve.

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Jennifer W

I appreciate Dr. Mcculy and Kaela so much. About 4 months ago I had an appointment – it was my last hope for better health. I was ready to listen and take every suggestion seriously. I needed this new plan to work.

4 months later I finally see light at the end of my dark tunnel. My energy has increased. I sleep better. My migraines are GONE. I'm losing weight and my AIC numbers have dropped drastically and so has my insulin intake.

I recently received my food intolerance list and some items I was shocked others I knew. Dr. McCully took the time to review with me and discuss how I felt about not eating some of those foods. I was a little upset but knowing how much better I will feel without them is so worth it!

If you are ready to revive her knowledge about your body and want to gain better health MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TODAY.

I tell every one I know about how my health is getting better everyday

Thank you Dr. McCully and Kaela !!!!

Thomas K

Great Doctor! Very thorough and really takes the time to understand her patients problems. I have lost 40 lbs under her care and guidance.

I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about losing weight.

Jeff Clavier

Been working with Samia for years, and I have consistently recommend her countless times.

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Theresa Z.

Great alternative to "traditional" doctors who just skim the surface. Dr. McCully looks into your blood chemistry, reactions to foods, and intestinal issues to get to the root of problems, all in an effort to attain better overall health. …

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Jim B

I cannot wait to get started on the plan. I'm very impressed. I have a lot of work to do but I know I will achieve my goals.

Joy B

Great customer service and knowledgeable team! I have already started to see an improvement after 4 days of starting treatment and have been encouraging my friends to contact Dr. McCully. Great Find!

Adam Zawalich

I have been working with Dr. McCully for 8+ years. She has been very insightful whenever anything new crops up. I have more energy, sleep better, and have lost weight among other things that have resolved.

Two things that I highly recommend…

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Larry L

I have been working with Dr. Samia McCULLY for many years. When I first began working with her, I had a concerning thyroid issue which could have resulted in surgery and a pill regiment for the rest of my life. Through her guidance with …

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Steve Bollinger

Interesting data. I'm still researching.

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Sarah P

Sarah had a wonderful experience and felt so relaxed after her session. She is looking forward to more sessions! Thanks.

Elora Blake

I am new to the whole review posting thing, but I feel that more people need to be aware of how this doctor has changed my life! I have been seeing Dr. McCully for several years now for various things. The main issue I came to her with was …

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Carol Cassidy

Dr. McCully is very knowledgeable, after my lab results came back, she went over it in detail and explained to me what was going on and her office gal Kayla is very kind and helpful.

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Linda S

I really found Wellness to be the answer when I fell ill from a virus and lost my hearing for months. Thank you so much for the time you spent and the testing you did and the immune system supplements you recommended. Four Medical doctors could not provide the assistance to help me heal. You did. Thank you

Jeff Clavier

I have been working with Samia McCully for 8+ years, and there is no question that her advice has greatly impacted my health and well being.

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Elora Blake

I have been seeing Dr. McCully for several years now for various things. I could not be happier that I found her, just wish I had know about Dr. McCully a lot sooner!

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Food Allergens: Testing How the Body Responds

November 14, 2017

Food allergies occur when the body has an adverse or abnormal response to a food. An allergic reaction can be immediate and life threatening, such as with peanuts. Or it can be delayed, taking three to five days to show up, causing hay fever-like symptoms, digestive distress, eczema or other skin irritation, or changes in behavior and mental focus. This delayed reaction is called "food sensitivity" and is usually not life threatening.

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